IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Would you like to get a photo book with your new Saab?

Several months ago I got an idea how Saab, with simple means, could strengthen the bond between the Saab owner and his new car and subsequently between the Saab owner and Saab Automobile AB: Make a unique photo book of every car manufactured and include it with the car! The book could cover the design and development of the model, as well as the production and assembly of that specific car.

Recently it’s become known that Saab is installing web cams around the factory to let the buyers follow the production of their car through mobile text and multimedia messages as well as through pictures on the Internet. I love it! :)

But why the photo book in addition to this?
Well, because a photo book is a lasting memory. You can turn the pages and look through the photo book when you get the car, one year later and ten years later. You can have it on the book shelf, on the coffee table or on the bedside table. You can keep it as a memory when you sell the car or you can send it along with the new owner.

So Saab, why not contact an international photo developer and make a deal?
I am sure that there are one or more photo developers who would set up a server where Saab can upload the pictures and where the Saab buyer can log in (with a code that comes with the car) and order a pre-setup photo book for free. If the developer has the chance of getting up to 125 000 new customers each year from this deal, then I bet the company will give away a free photo book to the new customer!

Here's an example how a photo book could look like
Page one: Maybe a picture of Jan Åke Jonsson and a "personal" message from him?

Page two: The production form

Page three:  The sketch

Page four: The CGI 

Page five: The clay model 

Page five: Wind tunnel

Page six to twelve: Your car being manufactured 


And then some blank pages where the owner can put in his own pictures.

Bad idea? Good idea?