IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 reasons to buy a new Saab 9-5

1. It looks damn good! The front is masculine, the rear is sexy and the profile is elegant.

2. It is a damn good car! Yes, the classic 900 was a great car, but I am afraid it is history. The new 9-5 is the present and the best car Saab has ever made and it is on par with the best the Germans can offer.

3. It's good value for your money. Cheaper than Audi, BMW and Mercedes. At least when you compare cars with the same level of equipment.

4. You will get a different car than your neighbors (That is if you're not living in Trollhättan...)

5. You will join a relatively small crowd of fortunate people who have discovered the joy of driving a Saab.

6. It is the safest car Saab has ever made. And since the previous 9-5 was one of the world's safest cars, this new one is probably also a rival for a top podium position.

7. You can get it with a two stage turbo diesel engine and cross wheel drive! For the first time in Saab's history, you can get the economy of a diesel engine and four wheel drive. Add the great DriveSense damping and you will want to drive and drive and drive and your wallet can actually handle the fuel cost!

8. You get Saab's latest design of their well known interior ergonomics and comfy seats. Another reason to drive and drive and drive.
9. You get the best Head-Up Display on the market. And trust me, once you get used to the HUD you will always want a HUD!

10. Not only do you get a great and rare car. You also get to support a small company that against all odds is still alive and fighting with the giants!

What are YOUR reasons for buying a new Saab 9-5?