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Friday, April 1, 2011

Saab sales in March

Summary of the March sales
After all the biggest markets have reported the sales for March, the UK is Saab's biggest market! All in all, March saw a nice increase for Saab, but there is still lots of work to be done. My estimate is that Saab has sold 10,000 cars the first quarter of 2011. Saab's goal for 2011 is to sell 80,000 cars. My guesstimate is still that Saab is one year behind with regards to their sales targets: This year they will sell 50,000 – 60,000 cars and next year they can reach 80,000.
Data on new car registrations in Sweden in March is now available.

888 new Saab's (708 9-3s and 180 9-5s) were registered in March, compared to 388 in March of last year. That's in increase of 500 cars or 129 percent.

For the first quarter, the figures are 2,066 cars for 2011, compared to 1,120 cars for 2010, in increase of 84 percent.

Saab's market share has increased from 1.89 percent the first quarter 2010, to 2.96 percent the first quarter this year.

In other words, the sales numbers are heading in the right direction!

Saab sales manager in Sweden, Magnus Hansson, says the following to
"I am very satisfied with this month. And what also is extremely gratifying, is that our major new products [9-5 SportCombi and 9-4X] lie ahead".
"Obviously, to date, we only sell the sedan. The major increase will come with the wagon. We know that there is a great interest for that car in Sweden. In the 9-5's segment, it's the wagon that has the greatest potential in Sweden."

According to Opplysningsrådet for veitrafikk AS, 76 new Saabs were registered in Norway in March 2011. 59 were Saab 9-3s and 17 were Saab 9-5s. Comparable numbers for 2010 were 57 Saabs, of which 51 were Saab 9-3s and 6 were Saab 9-5s.

According to Automotive News, Saab sold 830 cars in the USA in March. The comparable number for 2010 was 133 cars.

TTELA has comments from Saab executives about the USA sales:
- Now we're taking action that makes us very competitive in the leasing market, said Jim Sweeting, Saab's new sales manager in the U.S.
-  We note that sales are increasing steadily month by month and are pleased with the figures.
Victor Muller was also happy with the numbers:
-  It's encouraging numbers, and they should be considered in light of the 9-4X not having come to the market yet.

According to Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), 69 new Saab cars were registered in March.

SMMT reports that Saab sold 1,766 cars in the UK in March. This was an increase of 52.5 percent compared to 2010, when Saab sold 1,158 cars.