IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Report from the restart at supplier IAC

Friday was a joyful day when the production at Saab was restarted. But happy faces was not just seen at Saab. Also the suppliers and their employees were happy to once again be going to work and building parts for Saab. And it is important for us to remember that a stop at Saab affects more than just the workers at Saab. Thousands of workers elsewhere in Sweden and the rest of the world are also affected. We should also pay a tribute to those companies and their employees who were a big part of the restart of the Saab production on Friday.

Trollhättan newspaper TTELA has visited IAC in Färgelanda and has written an article about them. Below is a translation.

Suppliers restarted 
It was not just at Saab that production started yesterday, but also at hundreds of subcontractors.
- It's good that Saab is being restarted. Now the tempo will increase here again, says forklift driver Glenn Kvist at IAC in Färgelanda.   
IAC was one of the suppliers who first stopped deliveries to Saab when they were not paid. They were also early to give 200 people notice of unemployment, which they did on April 28. For 56 part-time employed yesterday would have been their last working day if Saab had not restarted its production.

- I would have worked my last day here today. But now it has been extended from Monday to Wednesday next week. It was not very pleasant to get the layoff notice, but understandable given that production stalled in Trollhättan,  says Markus Eklund who assembles door panels.
When the layoff notice came it was no surprise for most of the people at the company.
- I was touched when I walked around on the evening shift and explained the situation of those affected. They showed great understanding, says production manager Lars-Ove Bryngelsson.
The factory in Färgelanda employs 300 people, including 250 organized workers. Production for Saab amounts to about half the business.
- Many have taken out leave and holiday, which was perfect timed around Easter weekend. Some have also worked in other factories, says Lars-Ove Bryngelsson.
Those who have been at work have spent time cleaning, painting and education.
Lars-Ove Bryngelsson makes the comparison of starting the production at Saab and at the suppliers with a large ship.
- If there is a stop somewhere, it's a long process to start again and there will be some disruptions in the beginning.
During the stop some people have also left, including the temps, so some of the staff have had to learn new tasks.
IAC manufactures instrument panels and door panels, and a variety of injection molded plastic parts for Saab. They deliver directly to the production line and the first truck left the factory at 12 o’clock Friday. 
In addition to manufacturing for Saab, IAC also delivers to Volvo cars and Scania trucks.
- We are also starting with production for Volvo Trucks, says Lars-Ove Bryngelsson.
He gives a tour of the 27,000 square meter factory building.
- I've been to Gothenburg and worked a few days during the stop. It's great to be back. People do of course need their job, says Marianne Ljungqvist who started working at 5:42 on Friday morning.
She is team leader for the production of instrument panels. Currently they are twelve people, but when Saab gears up they will increase the workforce to 24.