IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saab 9-4X on Winding Road

Earlier this week Saab hosted test drives of the new Saab 9-4X for the press. And now the first of those car magazines has published its review. The first I have come across anyway. And the reviewer is Winding Road. I guess a Saab should fit perfectly in on winding roads! And Winding Road seems to agree.

First they write a bit about Saab's recent financial difficulties, and they sum it up with this sentence that I just love:
" get the sense that the company is full of car people, not accountants and lawyers. That’s a good thing."
They also have a very interesting table where they compare the Saab distinctions to those of BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. Winding Road writes that Saab is:

Social Branding: Alternative
Design Branding: Scandinavian
Drive Branding: Fun
Technological Branding: Real World
Lifestyle Branding: Active

Sounds good to me. To see how Saab compares to the other brands, check Winding Road

Now, over to the 9-4X test drive.

On fun to drive, Winding Road says the following about the 9-4X:

"For those paying attention, the driving dynamics of the 9-4X are positively brilliant. The 9-4X has a smoothness and stability going down the road that buyers will find hard to beat."
And the steering and brakes are also top notch:

"The steering has a well-chosen ratio with decent on-center operation. The brakes a firm, with a pedal feel that should be studied by some sports car makers. Best of all, the automatic transmission."
And the engines fits the car perfectly:

"The 2.8-liter turbo V-6 on the 9-4X Aero has a “just right” level of power."
And the comfort is also there:

"Finally, we also thought the 9-4X was attractively comfortable."
Versus the competition, the Saab 9-4X is on par or better:

"VS: Audi Q5: On the road, the Saab feels more connected and will please those who enjoy driving more."
"VS: Mercedes Benz GLK350: Handling on the GLK is excellent, but we would say the Saab is fully competitive."  

Wow! What a great 9-4 review start for Saab!! If you haven't headed over the Winding Road yet, then go!