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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Both Vladimir Antonov and Victor Muller to drive the Midnight Sun Rally?

Swedish site reports that both Vladimir Antonov and Victor Muller will drive the Midnight Sun Rally which starts in Jönköping on Wednesday next week. Both will of course drive veteran Saab cars.

The rally, which was originally called Rally to the Midnight Sun, was first arranged in 1950 and the last time in 1964. From 1965 the rally changed to a winter rally and turned into Rally Sweden (Svenska Rallyt) which is the WRC rally we know today. In 2006 the Midnight Sun Rally was resumed, but this time as a vintage rally for veteran cars.

Vladimir Antonov drove the Midnight Sun Rally last year, and evidently liked it so much that he returns this year and brings lots of friends with him.

"He got a taste for it last year, and have brought lots of friends with him. Now it's seven Russians participating," Per Carlsson, who is the organizer of the Midnight Sun Rally for the Royal Automobile Club, told

Vladimir Antonov from last years Midnight Sun Rally

If both Muller and Antonov end up participating like Swedish media claims, then we can probably look forward to pictures and maybe even interviews in Swedish news media next week.