IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Upgrades, repairs and treatments

On this page I will write about all upgrades, repairs and treatments I get my Saab 9-5. I will update this page continuously.

Rubber mats
The first thing I got my new 9-5 was a set of rubber mats. In a country like Norway, where we experience the four seasons of a year, a set of rubber mats is very common to get to protect the carpets from snow, water, mud, dust, leaves etc.

Meguiar's wax finish
Long before I got the car I had decided  to get my car a professional sealing wax treatment. I did consider Ditec, but decided to go for a more traditional sealing wax. I chose Meguiar's since they have gotten good reviews.

Saab 19 inch Turbine wheels
Already when I ordered the car I knew that I wanted bigger wheels than the 17 inch 5-spoke blade wheels that came with the car. I have considered both the turbine wheels and the edge wheels in different finishes. After much considering, I decided to go for the Turbine wheels.

Mud flaps
For the same reason people in Norway get rubber mats for their cars, we also like to get some mud flaps. I think it's extra important for the new 9-5 since the side skirts are made of steel and not plastic as on the previous 9-5 and the current 9-3. The mud flaps will protect the paint on the sides from being chipped and eventually starting to rust.

Winter tires
Winter is coming and when driving during the winter season winter tires are mandatory in Norway. So I got a set a Nokian Hakapeliitta R winter tires.

Block heater and interior heater
When winter sets in we can get freezing temperatures here in Norway. Last year we had continuous weeks with temperatures below -20 degree Celsius. There I got a DEFA block heater and interior heater.