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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saab's image improved last week in Geneva

I just came across a nice article at Automotive News about how Saab's image arguable improved at the Geneva Motor Show. The reason was of course the PhoeniX concept. Here' s a few quotes from the article:

Before the Geneva motor show, Saab and its dealers admitted there still was a public perception -- albeit among a shrinking group of believers -- that the automaker had gone out of business more than a year ago as General Motors was rising from the ashes of bankruptcy.
But Saab's image greatly improved last week in Geneva, as Victor Muller, Jan Ake Jonsson and Jason Castriota pulled the cover off the PhoeniX, a 2+2 concept with wild, over-the-top styling. Muller is Saab chairman, and Jonsson is CEO. The concept was penned by Castriota, Saab's new design chief.
...the PhoeniX's mission is not about gauging response for a production model. Its purpose is to tell the world that Saab is very much alive.

And it succeeded.

Let's hope the rest of the world agrees!