IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Customers asking for Saabs again

Some good news from the Saab dealer in Malmö Sweden. Here's what Skå writes:

Now the customers are asking for Saabs again 
The news of Saab's agreement with the Chinese Hawtai was still fresh when Claes Carlsson's phone started ringing at Bilpartner Skåne in Malmö. 
- There are many who were doubtful and wanted to wait, and from them I have received positive responses yesterday and today. Interest in Saab has been great all the time, but the last month the situation has been almost as dark as it was in December 2009, says Claes Carlsson. 
Back then before Spyker entered the scene it took a few months before it was full speed on sales again. Claes Carlsson thinks it might be similar this time.

- Before Christmas, it was full speed on the Saab sales, the last quarter of 2010 Saab was the car that sold best of our four brands. But there has been much less traffic in the hall the last month, the interest has declined strongly. But those who have been thinking about buying a new Saab is happy today.
Even Bengt Heinmert, Saab salesman at Newmancars in Hässleholm, believes that the agreement with Hawtai will benefit his business. He has several clients that have ordered a new Saab, but withdrew from the deal because of the uncertain situation.
- I have had clients who have ordered a new Saab, but pulled out because they did not dare to follow through. And I understand them. If you're going to spend SEK 300,000 you probably want to choose something more certain.
Is the low interest lead to a drop in the price?
- No, the price has actually been stable throughout this whole Saab history. The prices didn't even drop when the future looked real bad in December 2009. The interest in the cars are great, especially for innovations that are expected next year, says Bengt Heinmert, and Claes Carlson agrees:
- We thought that at least second-hand prices would collapse, but they did not. Now the major focus is on the new cars coming this year. We have already begun to take orders for the new 9-5 SportCombi. The Saab 9-4 has gotten good reviews, and next year the new 9-3 will come, which is exciting. And so the interest will probably continue to be great.