IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The development of future cars continues at Saab

Saab secured short- and mid-term funding on Monday and Tuesday as we all know. And the production will restart some time next week. But during the past month when production has been stopped and the funding has been uncertain, Saab has not stopped the development of future cars. Swedish NyTeknik has had a talk with Mats Fägerhag, Vice President Vehicle Product Development at Saab. Below is a translation:
The development at Saab continues despite the stop
Despite the stop in production at Saab, the development work continues as planned. - We keep the flag flying high, says head of development Mats Fägerhag, who even wants to hire more engineers.
The vehicle production has been stalled at Saab since April 6. But despite the fact that no new cars are rolling out of the factory, the staff in the development department has gone to work as usual.
- We're working just like before and follow our plan, says Saab's development manager Mats Fägerhag.
Mats Fägerhag
Saab has about 1,100 employees working on development, design and power trains. The beginning of the year saw a major reorganization to adapt the development department to an independent Saab.
At the same time key areas were identified where Saab needs strengthening to cope with the development of future models. This applies in particularly simulation, electricity and electronics, where Saab since last fall has been looking for new engineers.
According to Mats Fägerhag, the work on the planned recruitments continues.
- Due to the current situation, I can not tell you any number right now, but we hope that we can continue to strengthen the organization during the year.
He says that the Saab spirit is alive among the engineers in development department.
- There is definitely a devil-may-care attitude. We keep the flag flying high and focus on the problems to be solved.
Just last week the chassis to the new 9-3 was test-driven.
- We have a group that makes sure that there will be a car with incredible handling characteristics, says Mats Fägerhag.