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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hawtai dismiss claims over exaggerated production figures

Yesterday it was reported in the press that Sweden's Ambassador to China in a report claimed that Hawtai Motor's vehicle production figures from 2010 were exaggerated and that many top executives in the company had been replaced the last years. He also wrote that the company had just last year started to sell their own branded cars. Now Hawtai dismiss all these allegations. According to AFP, Gao Hongjun, Hawtai's head of public relations and communications, says the following about the sales figures:

- We haven't received any complaints through official channels.

He told AFP that it's impossible to exaggerate production figures as they were made public by official auto industry groups.

On managers leaving the company he said that top executives had not left the company, but had transfered to other positions in newly established subsidiaries.

- They are still with the company. You can walk in at any time and see them.

He also claimed that Hawtai had started offering SUVs under its own brand in 2004. And continued by saying that media was right to be sceptical:

- The media has the right and obligation to be sceptical. We will release to them the information that we should publicise when it is necessary via press conferences or other means.