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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saab 9-3 replacement a sleek five-door hatchback

Autobog has had a talk with Magnus Hillerborn, Saab's Vehicle Validation Engineer, and has some insight to the upcoming Saab 9-3 replacement:

Autoblog can now confirm that a five-door is indeed headed into production along with the expected convertible variant. Interestingly enough, what isn't yet confirmed for the 2012 9-3 is a sedan bodystyle.

And speaking of how Saab changed the upcoming 9-3 once GM was out of the picture:
The changes are so significant that Hillerborn says he imagines GM executives will be "very surprised" when they see the production car.
Hillerborn says that the hatchback will likely be five-door only (presumably a SportCombi wagon variant will follow), though we imagine there are some three-door renderings knocking about in Trollhattan. Hillerborn promises a very sleek and unique hatchback, one that should appeal to traditional sedan buyers as well (read: not bulbous and overtly hatch-like, but more streamlined).
A traditional 9-3 sedan is under consideration and would likely help move some units in the U.S., but it apparently has not yet been signed off on, meaning that the five-door will form the heart of the range.

So to summarize; A sleek five-door hatchback, that will appeal to sedan buyers as well, and that will make the GM executives very surprised.

This sounds like the complete opposite to what we would have gotten under GM's rule. It's like Saab rejects everything that is GM!

This sounds very promising! :)