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Friday, March 18, 2011

Six months celebration!

Today (18 March) my humble Saab blog celebrates it's first 6 months. During this time I have published 68 blog entries and 6 special pages.

But today I also celebrate all the Saab enthusiasts and Saab curious people who have visited my blog. So far there have been about 30.000 page views and I'd estimate 17.000 visitors (I only have excact visitor statistics for 2011). The visitors have come from 81 different countries around the world. Saab is currently present in 51 countries, so that means that I've had visitors from at least 30 countries which don't have a official Saab presence but still are interested in Saab. Their interest in Saab amaze me! :)

The top countries:

1. United States  - 22 per cent of the visitors
2. Sweden - 20 per cent
3. Norway - 9 per cent
4. United Kingdom - 7 per cent
5. Canada  - 4 per cent
6. Germany - 4 per cent
7. Netherlands - 3 per cent
8. Finland - 2 per cent

Thank you everybody, I hope you have enjoyed your visits.

And remember that the fun has just begun! :)