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Friday, April 22, 2011

The buzz is on in New York - NY International Auto Show Edition - take 2

The media coverage of Saab at the New York International Auto Show seems to be 75 per cent about financial challenges and just 25 per cent about cars. And the only car that interests the media is the PhoeniX. But when the general public get access to the show, it will be all about cars. And Saab got a great stand at the show: New Saab 9-5 SportCombi, new Saab 9-4X, facelifted Saab 9-3 Griffin, the beautiful independence edition Saab 9-3 convertible and of course the star, the Saab PhoeniX.

Here's what the New York Times says about the PhoeniX:
The most buzzed-about concept at the Geneva auto show, where it was unveiled in March.

Automobile magazine had the same pleasure I had a couple of weeks ago: To see the PhoeniX in person and see through distracting elements like butterfly doors and winglets and thereby see the heart of the car. Pictures just don't do this car justice.
Leading the charge of new Saab is the PhoeniX concept that made its debut earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The PhoeniX is the first car by new head designer Jason Castriotta and is supposed to preview both the look of future Saabs and the platform which will underpin the next 9-3. The concept is also equipped with a hybrid powertrain, with the rear wheels each powered by electric motors. While the PhoeniX looks a bit amorphous in pictures, seeing the car in person reveals the intricacy in the sinewy sheetmetal’s curves and detailing. Equally impressive is the red and black interior with its square steering wheel and pod-like gauges.
Automobile also has some nice photos of the other Saab cars. 

NY1 has also been at the show and they concluded that this year's trend is battery power:
In fact, even cars that aren't all electric, like one concept by Saab, still try to find ways to use battery power for more than just the usual places like the headlights or radio.
"It's mating a gas engine up front with an electric hybrid four-wheel drive system in the rear so you get wheeled power being distributed evenly and when necessary side to side and front to rear to get you out of difficult circumstances but you get a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption and a 30 percent reduction in emissions," explains Jason Castriota of Saab.
And the reporter has the following to say about the looks of the PhoeniX:
And as you can tell from this one and a dozen of others on the floor, having cars look as cool as possible is still as strong a trend as it was at the very first New York International Auto Show.

The Detroit News has the best picture from the show:

Is Victor dancing???