IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Saab sales in June 2011

June is over and it is time to take stock of the sales last month. With the production down the last three months, I do not expect the sales to be anything but miserable. But as soon as the production is up and running again, we can look forward to good sales figures. And the reason is that Saab actually has an order bank of more than 10,000 vehicles! Eric Geers of Saab said that they hope to restart production within two weeks.

BIL Sweden reports that in June there were 221 new Saab cars registered in Sweden. 182 were Saab 9-3 and 39 Saab 9-5. In June last year the number was 838. So far this year 3,137 Saab cars have been registered, compared to 3,187 last year.

"As long as we do not build any cars, we can not deliver any, as is reflected in the figures, it is that simple. It is a tough and regrettable situation for both our dealers and customers who are waiting for their cars," says Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Sweden, in a press release.

"When production restarts, our first priority is as soon as possible to get all pre-ordered cars to waiting customers. Then we will together with the dealers start promoting and highlighting the strongest model program in Saab's history."

Saab sold 323 cars in the US in June according to Automotive News. This was in 50 percent increase compared to the 216 cars sold in June last year. But as CurtInFalcon says in the comment section, the June sales is of course not good enough. But under the current circumstances, it is unfair to expect a miracle fro the US. So far this year 3,471 new Saabs have been sold in the US.

SMMT reports that 265 new Saabs were registered in the UK in June. Last year the figure was 704. A decrease of 62 percent. So far this year 3,509 new Saabs have been registered in the UK. The UK is still Saab's biggest market so far this year, but the US is not far behind.

There were 19 new Saabs registered in Noway in June according to Opplysningerådet for Veitrafikken AS. The was the same as in June of last year.

According to TraFi there were 16 new Saab vehicles registered in Finland in June.

According to motorstats there were 9 new Saab cars registered in Ireland i June. June last year the number was also 9.

Random picture of ordinary people shopping for Saab in the US

Now let's hope the production can quickly resume, Antonov can be approved and the Chinese deal can get positive signals from the Chinese government. Saab deserves some luck now!