IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saab brand name and logo

As reported here on the blog a few times earlier, the use of the Saab brand name and the Gripen logo is regulated by an agreement between car manufacturer Saab Automobile AB, the aerospace and defense company Saab AB and the commercial vehicle developer and producer Scania AB. Due to this agreement, or agreements, a buyer can not simply buy the brand name and continue manufacturing cars. The questions concerning the brand name now that Saab Automobile is in bankruptcy, are said to be very complicated. And for this reason the bankruptcy administrators two weeks ago requested that the Vänersborg District Court would appoint Kent Hägglund as an additional administrator and expert on legal questions concerning brand names.

Swedish Radio P4 Väst has now had a talk with Hägglund and asked him a few questions regarding the brand name and how the work is commencing. Below is an translation of the article.

"A solution in which the whole family contributes"

P4 Väst has spoken to the Saab's bankruptcy administrators new co-administrator, Kent Hägglund. He is responsible for the questions regarding the Saab brand - which is a very complicated history.

"Saab is a nice little family"

"The work is progressing in the sense that I have good contact with Saab AB, Scania and the main administrators," says Kent Hägglund to P4 Väst.

What have you come to so far?

"That this is a relatively complex situation with a number of agreements regulating these matters," says Hägglund who does not want to comment on exactly how the agreements between Saab AB, Scania and Saab Automobile looks.

Kent Hägglund was appointed co-administrator of the Saab bankruptcy by the Vänersborg District Court on January 12th.

He is in charge of matters regarding the trademark "SAAB", the logo mark Gripen, the firm name SAAB and related issues.

Since the appointment, some interested parties have been in touch and asked questions about the Saab brand.

What will it take for someone to be able to use the Saab brand again?

"My starting point is that Saab is a nice little family with a strong family feeling and everyone is keen to nurture this brand. So the starting point is that we will find a solution where the family contributes and we can find a common solution for the future."

Have you had any discussions with interested parties, Saab AB and Scania?

"No. The interesting thing is to sell everything (the bankruptcy estate) as a whole and that means that the main administrators have to discuss with those who are interested in the whole business.

"If such interested parties exist and those discussions are held, then there will be a process concerning the brand and this discussion will be lead by me," says Hägglund.

Kent Hägglund believes that there is a good opportunity for any buyer to use the mark, if they are interested in it.

But it's an advantage if the interested party wants to continue production in Trollhättan.

"Yes, I think that's a clear advantage," Hägglund summarizes.