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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A favor

Thank you to everybody who have voted, and to those who tried but did not succeed. I will bring this post back up to the top of the page a couple of more times the next two weeks at times when Saab news are few and far between. And I will let you know the result when the winner has been chosen.

Do you enjoy Life with Saab? I hope so. And today I will ask a personal favor from you. A favor that will take you no more than ten seconds. I will ask you to click your mouse button three times to help my younger cousin achieve his dream week.

From he was a small boy his obsession has been cross-country skiing. He has spent thousands of hours out in the ski tracks training. Now he has entered a competition where part of the prize is a small scholarship, but the real prize is that the winner will get to spend one week with the national cross-country skiing team. A dream for a young guy who has admired the skiing stars on TV for years.

For him to have a chance to win, he will need votes. The skier with the most votes will not automatically win, but it will help.

So I ask you to:

1. Follow this link:

2. After the screen has loaded to 100%, please click on the following graphics (i.e. on the new page that loads):

3. Now my cousin Even's profile should open, final step to vote is to click on the button marked with the red circle (STEM - Vote):

Simple, right?

My promise to you is that this was a one-time request and that this site will continue to bring you Saab news.