IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The last Saabs rolling off the line

Today the last 50 Saabs will roll of the line in Trollhättan for now. But there is of course still a tiny hope that someone will acquire the bankruptcy estate and start manufacturing Saabs in Trollhättan again.

The Saabs that will roll off the line today are the 50 incomplete Saabs bought by ANA Trollhättan from the bankruptcy administration. These 50 Saabs, together with 46 car bodies, will now be transported to ANA Trollhättan where the 50 Saabs will be completed and the 46 car bodies will be dismantled and used as spare parts.

"It was nice to be back inside, but it should not be like this, it's kind of a spooky feeling, it's very empty and quiet, it does not feel good," says Johan Eriksson, who works at assemblying the cars.

"We will put wheels on the cars and roll them off the line, and then we'll transport them over to Saab ANA where we will complete them," Eriksson continues.

Here's a video from Swedish TV4 Väst (only in Swedish I'm afraid) covering the event.