IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last leg of my trip to buy the Sonett

Today I have traveled the last leg of my trip to buy and transport home a Saab Sonett. At seven o'clock in the morning the Hurtigrute ship arrived in Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. Trondheim is best known for the Nidaros Cathedral, founded in 1070 on the burial ground of Saint Olaf of Norway, and a destination for pilgrims coming from all of Northern Europe.

On this early Tuesday May 1st (a public holiday in Norway) the roads were more or less deserted. I drove through the city without stopped for traffic even once. The journey took my south east and my first break was on the Dovre mountain pass.

Dovre mountain pass

On the top of Dovre the mountain tops were still covered in snow, but fortunately the road was dry and free of snow and ice. The weather was wonderful. Blue sky and a warming sun.

Top of the mountain pass Dovre

Driving over Dovre was actually a small detour. The reason for the detour was located in Grimsbu. From Dovre I drove down Folldal and came to Grimsbu. And I am very glad I made this detour, or else I wouldn't have this next picture to show you.

Fill her up with leaded premium fuel, please

From the classic BP gas station in Grimsbu, I drove straight home. And after eight hours in the car, with only a handful of 10-15 minutes breaks, I have to say that I am surprised how comfortable the seats and the sitting position in the Sonett is! I am really starting to love this car. But let's talk more about the Sonett loving in a later post.

Ps: In case you wondered if the Sonett came from the two day sea journey unharmed, I'm pleased to say yes. When I went down to the car deck to get the car, the seaman at the car deck told me that they had had to moved the car a little back and forth in order to place fenders around it. Thank you Hurtigruten, for taking such good care of your goods, and of your guests as well. I promise I will return for another journey!