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Monday, April 4, 2011

Former Saab employees checked out the Saab PhoeniX concept

TTELA was at the Saab museum on Saturday and talked to Björn Envall and other former Saab epmloyees about the Saab PhoeniX concept:

PhoeniX makes a stopover in Trollhättan

PhoeniX landed temporarily at the Saab Car Museum on Saturday.
- It's good that finally something technical happens, says Saab's former chief designer Björn Envall, who liked Jason Castriota’s creation.
Björn Envall worked at Saab between 1969 and 1994. On Saturday he took the opportunity of looking at the concept of the future.
- The first really effective concept car compared to GM's concept car that was full of plastic parts. I would have wanted to hear the engine start as well.
Together with Bengt Gustafsson, who was at Saab between 1972 and 1998, and Astrid Marklund, at Saab 1967-2000, the three Saab-retired admired the company's future.

They found details they became quite fond of.
- I hope there will become something of this. There is still hope, says Astrid Marklund and points to the old logos that appear on several places.
She worked for the Saab's competition department until it was shut down. Her interest in cars is great.
- It is delicious. Very tasty. It builds on Saab's tradition says Björn Gustafson.
He was responsible for the Saab Group's purchasing department in the U.S. for ten years and has also worked with product development and sales.
The Saab museum had extended opening hours on Saturday and all employees had been told that the new concept was to behold.
- I found out about it through one of the two Saab Clubs that I'm a member of, says Andreas Rydell.
The 22-year-old from Trollhättan is a great Saab enthusiast. He now owns three cars: a 99 from 1974, a 900 convertible and a 9000.
- Look at the rims. They are like turbines, says Andreas Rydell, who likes what he sees.
He studies to become an engineer at the University of Halmstad.
- Hopefully there will be a job for me at Saab in the future, then I can contribute to the development and not just seeing the result when it’s finished.
On Saturday he was still very content to just get to see the PhoeniX.
There were many people who looked at the car for a long time, photographed, pointed and talked about all the details they discovered.
On a screen above was an interview with designer Jason Castriota who explained a little about the concept.
A concept that gives hope for the future for the Saab employees, former employees of Saab and maybe for the future Saab employees. And all others who depend on Saab's future.