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Monday, October 17, 2011

Saab is third most common car in Sweden

Here is some interesting statistics from Sweden, the home of Saab and Volvo. In many countries around the world both Saab and Volvo may be seen as premium and even luxary cars and those two car brands make up only a small fraction of all the cars on the roads. But not so in Sweden. In Sweden these two car brands are among the most common cars. Anyone who has been to Sweden will have seen this and if you've been to Trollhättan you have probably gotten a Saab overdose. But let's look at the statistics.

Ten most common car brands in Sweden 2010


On the road




996 958

237 193

1 234 151


437 254

100 629

537 883


343 522

80 308

423 830


281 037

44 109

325 146


277 272

82 834

360 106


214 762

43 773

258 535


177 107

24 108

201 215


176 908

56 275

233 183


163 362

25 286

188 648


153 464

47 545

201 009

There little doubt that Volvo is Sweden's biggest car brand with more than double the number of cars on the road than the runner up which is Volkswagen. On third is Saab, but there is almost three times as many Volvos as there are Saabs on the road.

The same statistics, this time presented in a chart:

But is there any difference between men and women in Sweden?

If we look at statistics from 2005, we can see that men prefer Volvo first and then Saab and Volkswagen. When we look at women, they prefer Volvo first and then Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota and in fifth place Saab.

Source: Statistics Sweden

So does this mean that Saab is first and foremost a car for Swedish men?