IMPORTANT NEWS: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has agreed to buy the assets of Saab Automobile and the sale is expected to be finalized during the summer.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Turkish Brightwell Holdings wants to build cars in Trollhättan

Yesterday Swedish TV4 Väst could reveal that the Turkish company which is interested in acquiring Saab or parts of Saab is a global investment firm called Brightwell Holdings.

To TV4 the Chairman of the board at Brightwell, Zamier Ahmed, confirmed that the company is interested in Saab.

"For six months we have shown a serious interest in Saab," said Zamier Ahmed to TV4.

The company was previously in contact with both Saab's CEO Victor Muller and the reconstruction administrator Guy Lofalk, but when Saab filed for bankruptcy contact has been established with the court appointed administrators of the bankruptcy.

"Before the Christmas holidays, we also have by letter made ​​it clear to the administrators that we are interested and we hope for a meeting early next year," Ahmed continued.

The company is said to be most interested in Saab's technology, but according to Ahmed, they want to keep some production in Trollhättan, while parts will probably be moved to Turkey.

So now we have reports that Chinese companies Youngman and Dongfeng, Indian Mahindra & Mahindra and Turkish Brightwell Holdings are all interested in Saab. In addition, also Canadian Magna International has been mentioned. But this has not been confirmed.

Today Trollhättan newspaper TTELA published an interview with the court appointed administrators of the bankruptcy. And the administrators can tell that their main goal is to find one buyer that will buy Saab as a whole.

"We are working for the business to be taken over by one stakeholder which are able to launch the existing models. But there are structures and partnerships with conditions that can affect the probability of success. This is no easy matter," said administrator Hans L Bergqvist to TTELA.

The administrators have also been made familiar with Saab's upcoming 9-3 replacement and future technology, and they are impressed.

"We have been made familiar with the upcoming model program and have seen the new 9-3 model and the new technology. And we now certainly understand in a completely different way why Victor Muller is so committed and continues to work to find a solution. What we have seen has really made an impression on us," the second administrator Anne-Marie Pouteaux told TTELA.